BoomScape Updates [08/01/22]


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BoomScape Updates

Telekinetic Grab.gif

BoomScape New Content
 - Weapon Poison has been added, you can now use weapon poison potions on accepted weapons/ammo to give them poison
 - Stat Spy has been added to Lunar Spells
 - Tan Leather has been added to Lunar Spells
 - Recharge Dragonstone has been added to Lunar Spells
 - Cure Group has been added to Lunar Spells
 - Heal Other has been added to Lunar Spells
 - Telekinetic Grab spell has been added to Modern Spells

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed an issue where players didn't get poisoned/venomed
 - Fixed an issue with Energy Transfer spell not removing special attack from the caster.
 - Fixed a bug with how TeleGroup works on Lunar Spell Book
 - Fixed a missing check for aid on Veng Other
 - Fixed an issue with Boss Tasks
 - Fixed an issue with Dragon Forge chainbody ID

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