Beginners guide to Boomscape


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First off I'd like to say WELCOME! Glad to see you try out the server! In this guide I'm just going to go through a few things that can get you started with the server!

Before we start I'd like to recommend a few things:



Any text I have underlined will take you to a link

1. Make sure to join cc "James" this is the help cc and will be a good way to meet the community.

2. VOTE!! I can't stress this enough. For one it helps the server grow and it also gives you some starter GP and maybe even an amulet of fury or other items if lucky! In game command is ::vote and‚::claim.

3. Make sure to join the Discord. Link:

4. Buying over a certain amount of items from a shop will automatically note them if you don't have enough space in your inventory to carry them. 

5. To see an NPC drop table simple examine it. In the future we will be adding the drop table to the information list in quest tab.

6. Last but not least, remember to have fun!!! The community here is great and I'm sure will be there to help you if a member of staff isn't on at the time!:) Also be prepared to die in the Wildy even if there is only 10 players on at the time. It is the Wildy at the end of the day.



Points of interest:



Nexus portal :

  • Here you can see all the places you can teleport to.
  • Make sure to add your favourite places on the favourite menu.
  • tel.png.29e175fa051c5f37631d22dcaa573cfd.png There is a search function on the menu to get to places faster. 



Crystal chest : 

  • Located just beside the home area teleport or at the north wall just outside of the bank.
  • You mostly get Crystal Keys from drops while doing a slayer task or from the appreciation store for 500 points.
  • Opening this chest is a good way of getting skilling supplies including high tier bones.
  • You can also get Crystal gear too. Crystal bow, Crystal Halberd and Crystal shield.



Emblem trader : 

  • Located north of the Nexus just before the ditch of the wilderness. Here you can trade in Mysterious emblem. You get bounty hunter points from doing so which can be spent in the shop.
  • You can get Mysterious emblems by either Pking or by WILDERNESS SLAYERSimple use the emblem on him to trade for points.
  • You can also use Ancient artefacts on him to get GP.


Combat and XP

Xp rates: 10x Combat xp and 40x skilling xp

Training methods: 

Low level combat: Cow / Chickens / Goblins

Medium level combat: Experiments / Sand crabs / Yaks / Slayer

High level combat: Slayer / Barrows / Nightmare Zone

Best training methods: 

Melee:  Slayer / Fire giants (catacombs) / Sand Crabs / Nightmare zone

Magic: Bursting at Catacombs Dust Devils

Range: Slayer / Fire giants (catacombs) / Sand Crabs / Nightmare zone (Chinchompa's will be the best XP)

Prayer: Alter at home gives the best XP, but to save bones (or lose) try the Chaos alter in the wilderness, here you can unnote bones for a small fee. use at your own risk.



827271444_maxcash.png.81f09ad09f911e6caa9e448458f40f90.png Making that GP 827271444_maxcash.png.81f09ad09f911e6caa9e448458f40f90.png

Money on this server isn't like most other RSPS's, here you got to put the work in. DON'T expect to make max cash in a matter of days. The grind is real here and we care a lot about our ECO.

There is NO TRADING POST or GRAND EXHANGE. This was decided to create a more in touch community. You actually have to talk to other players to sell items @home, help cc or on discord market place.

There's a good few ways to making GP at lower levels:

THIEVING STALLS: What would a starter money making guide be without talking about thieving! Simple go to the stalls east of the bank starting with the food stall and working your way up - sell to the baker. Keep in mind the fastest xp per hour for thieving is through pickpocketing.

WILDERNESS SLAYER: Krystilia gives out the wilderness slayer tasks, she can be found north east of the home teleport with all the other slayer masters. I'd recommend being at least 40+ combat to start these tasks. Simple collect Mysterious emblems and Larren keys that drop while doing her tasks. If you get a difficult task you can simply get assigned an easier task using Turael, finish that task and go back to Krystilia for a new one (this WILL reset your task streak). You can also simply skip the task for 30 slayer points (This WILL NOT reset your task streak). Buy larren keys with your bounty reward points and use them at the chest in the wilderness. Larrens chest location - SEE HEREYou get supplies and cash from keys.

NPC locations for slayer task- SEE HERE or ask help cc.

REVENANTS: Be prepared to die. Okay so teleport to Revenant caves via the nexus and run east following the passage till you get to revenants. Kill the low level ones e.g Revenant Goblins & Pryefiends  & Imps. Collect the Revenant ether and any other half decent drops. Make sure once you get the Bracelet of Ethereum to charge it with revenant ether to not take damage (this is always lost on death). Ancient emblems once traded into the Emblem trader will give a good amount of GP depending on which tier you get, this is where a good amount of money you make comes from. You can also get the wilderness weapons too, these are also charged via Ether. 

CRYSTAL KEYS: Collect from Slayer, vote boxes or through the Appreciation store. These give supplies which can be sold to other players. They also give crystal gear. This is a good passive money maker. Also free XP!! 

CLUE SCROLLS: You get clue scrolls passively from certain npc's or through puro puro, so be sure to do them once you get them. Same drop table as OSRS but more of a chance to get the Unique items from them. You also get some GP for completing them. Most of the steps are pretty simple. If it is a step that requires you to dig, make sure to dig around a few tiles at area it says it is located. You can only carry one at a time but you can bank them and come back to them later. Good luck on the ranger boots or 3rd age items.


Appreciation Store | Vote Store | Donator Store

*may have changed from last time I updated this guide*

Location -  Home Bank

Apperciation store:

Talk to Brana.

Here you can buy some useful items and cosmetics simple just by playing the game. You can see how many points you have through - Quest list - information.

Importance of items in shop / order to buy (my opinion).

  1. Fighter torso 
  2. Rada's blessing 
  3. Dark light
  4. Enhanced crystal keys‚

Vote store:

Talk to Party Pete.

Each vote from each website gives a Vote box, opening 1 box gives a small amount of cash, 5 vote points and sometimes an item - usually crystal keys. The items from the box could be a cosmetic, crystal key, amulet of fury, dharoks or some other wee items.

Importance of items in shop / order to buy (my opinion).

  1. Imbued god cape 
  2. Rune pouch 
  3. Ardougne cloak 4
  4. Salve amulet (e)
  5. Pretty much whatever else you want after that.

Donator store:

Talk to Wise old man. 

So you enjoy the server, you now think maybe you would like to donate and support this awesome server! well I'm glad to hear it! The money made goes straight into future updates and advertisement.‚

Donating is pretty simple - type ::donate in game then add in the basket how many bonds you want to buy after that go through and buy them. Type ::donated in game and you will now have the Bonds in you inventory. You can either sell these to other players (won't go towards your donator rank) or use them in the donator store via wise old man. 10 Bonds spent = 1 dollar to your total donation rank. 

WE HAVE TRIED TO MAKE THIS SERVER AS LESS PAY 2 WIN as possible, hence why there is no Best in slot direct purchases. However you can buy SUPER MYSTERY BOXES which has a very rare chance at a TWISTED BOW.

I personally like getting Super mystery boxes.

If you haven't got Dexterous prayer scrolls though I'd recommend getting that first. And maybe an Infernal Cape.



Start of your first task either by talking to either Turael or Krystilia (wilderness slayer master).

You get 0 slayer points from completing a task with Turael but thats okay because you won't be using him much at the start. You can use him to skip tasks for free (lose task streak). You can use this function as many times as you want. My favourite tasks to use from him are Goblins, Cows or Rats.

Krystilia is a good way to make GP and farm fast slayer points. Each task from her gives 45 slayer points.

Duradel gives the fastest amount of slayer xp per hour from any slayer master.

Steve is your boss slayer master. REQUIRING 95 slayer. He gives any Boss as a task ranging from 3 to 35 (your choice on how many).

987893976_blackmask.png.a6181debe4bc9326b39a7be53d5a20f7.png BLACK MASK 987893976_blackmask.png.a6181debe4bc9326b39a7be53d5a20f7.png

Buy from other players for around 10M cash. If you don't have the cash or another player isn't selling then simply go get it grind for it yourself.

It provides a player 16.67% Attack and Strength boost against all monsters on the player's current Slayer task.

NPC to kill : Cave horrors

Drop rate : 0.37% - 1/270

Strategy : Use protect from melee, have high prayer bonus and kill using melee or range.

Rather high drop rate, but it is a big step forward in the game and 100% worth getting.

858885545_slayerhelm.png.597249ff81fffeb70d5635e0eb91a05f.png SLAYER HELM 858885545_slayerhelm.png.597249ff81fffeb70d5635e0eb91a05f.png

Same bonus as the black mask for % increase on task but also has higher defence. It also protects you from certain Slayer NPCs. 

Slayer helm requirements:

  • 400 Slayer points
  • 55 crafting
  • 10 Defence 
  • Items needed - Black mask, Facemask, Earmuffs, Nose peg, Spiny helmet, Enchanted gem.‚

You can imbue the Slayer helm via Nightmare Zone for 1,250,000 points / same as OSRS. This will give an additional 15% boost to Range and Magic now along side the Melee boost.



  • How many points per hour will I get at Nightmare zone?
    Hard to say but it shouldn't take more than 2 hours for 1,000,000 points depending on level.
  • Is Fightcave / Inferno one or all rounds? 
    All rounds. Less depending on donator rank. This is to keep the Fire cape and inferno cape an item you don't get straight away as there are very good items.
  • Is Gauntlet/TOB/The Nightmare in game?
    No not yet, but will be added in the future once other more priority updates have been added.
  • Can I do Wintertotd solo? 
    Yes but I'd recommend having another player help you. If solo mainly try to light only 2 braziers rather than 4.
  • Can i get a butler in my POH?
    Yes! make sure to have made a bed or two depending on the butler. Go to Ardy hire from there!
  • Will there be a giveaway soon?
    We host regular events. Be sure to check the forums and discord regularly!
  • Can I donate with OSRS gp?
    Of course! Message any admin on discord or in game. The rate is 0.4 so 4 bonds per 1m (1 bond = 250k osrs)
  • Is Vilix the GOAT?
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