BoomScape Updates [22/02/22]


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BoomScape Updates

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New Content
 - Added recolour for Rock Golems & Phoenix Pets
 - Blood Shards can now be added to Blood Fury's, allowing up to 30,000 charges!
 - Silver Casting has been added
 - Fishing Explosives can now be used on Kraken
 - Player Kills & Deaths have been added to the Leaderboards!

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed an issue with Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Killcounter
 - Fixed an issue with Zuk & Rift Guardian pet with Morphing & Locking mechanisms
 - Fixed an issue where you could use cannon at GWD
 - Fixed an issue with incorrect boosts on Xerics Aid potions
 - Fixed an issue with 3rd Age Pickaxe & Axe Special Attack
 - Steel Nails can now be used in POH
 - Fixed an issue where Kraken would sometimes move out of position

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