BoomScape Updates [25/02/22]


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BoomScape Updates


New Content
 - Grand Exchange has been added to the website (This will be live on the website in the coming days, for now data will just be saved in preperation)
  - You will be able to look at the sales of any items you like and see trends, history & demand of sales happening through the Grand Exchange as well as being able to see prices of items that have been traded through the Grand Exchange
 - Clue Scrolls will now add to the amount opened when you open the Clue Loot instead of on Clue Completetion
 - Increased the amount of Firelighters recieved whilst opening clue scrolls
 - You will now need to be within a 10 square radius of your cannon for it to automatically refil (Donator Perk)
 - NPCs have been added to Darkmayer
 - You can now pickpocket Vyre's at Darkmayer
 - Pickpocketing NPCs now has a chance at receiving the Rocky Pet, Pet Chances thread will be updated shortly

Bugs Fixes
 - You can now select any offer within the offer searcher, previously it was limited to the first 1,0000 visually on screen
 - Barrows Chest Looted in Collection Log will now show the correct amount
 - Fixed an issue in some rare circumstances Abyssal Sire would get nulled

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