BoomScape Updates [01/03/22]


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BoomScape Updates


New Content
 - Custom Experience Rates have now been introduced!
  - Upon creating a new account you'll be presented with the following options for modes to play in-game
    - Realism Mode, this will set your Combat & Skilling Rates to 5x of OSRS
    - Hard Mode, this will set your Combat & Skilling Rates to 10x of OSRS
    - Normal Mode, this will set you to the current rates in BoomScape, which are 50x Combat & 40x Skilling Rates
    - East Mode, the most chilled mode will set you to Combat & Skilling Rates of 100x of OSRS
  - In the future we may add different Benefits for playing on the harder modes, such as increased drop & pet drop rates.
  - Anyone interested in switching their Game Mode please contact James directly to get it changed over, but beware, your stats will be reset if you do this
 - Donators now get free daily Clue Scroll Skips, find out how many you can skip under the Donator Benefits.
 - Pet Chance for Rift Guardian now rolls a chance per essense used.
 - Farming Guild now has NPCs & Item Spawns, you can also pay the farmers there to protect your patches.
 - Mahogany Planks have been added to the Elven Crystal Chest.
 - You can now pick bananas from global banana tree's.
 - Yannile Shortcut has been added by the farming patch.
 - The doors now function as expected at Grand Tree.
 - Infernal Pickaxe will now use charges and automatically turn the ore into a bar (1/3 odds or Special Attack activated)
 - Infernal Axe will now use charges and burn logs automatically (1/3 odds or Special Attack Activated)
 - Infernal Harpoon can now be made & automatically cooks fish (1/3 odds or Special Attack Activated)

Bugs Fixes
 - Corrected the rates from Thieving Vyre's.
 - You can now unimbue the following rings, Tyrannical Ring, Treasonous Ring, Granite Ring & Ring of the Gods.
 - PvP Supply Chest will now drop loot if your inventory is full.
 - You can now cook raw bird meat.
 - Fixed an issue on items with charges not being checked correctly on dropping & picking up.

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