BoomScape Updates [09/03/22]


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BoomScape Updates
Doric's Quest reward scroll.png

New Content
 - You can now pick from Redberry, Cadava & Nettle bushes, be sure to wear some gloves when picking Nettles else you might get stung...
 - You can now Milk cows mmmm..
 - Items in shops that are restricted to Ironmen now show 0 Stock to help distinguish if they can/'t buy that item
 - Examining NPCs now shows drop rates in fractions such as 1/x, this doesn't show decimals and is rounded.
 - Examining NPCs now shows Pet Drop rates, including any bonuses you have for the Pet drop
 - Group Ironmen can now enter each others POH's
 - Corrected the Vestas Longsword from being received in the Supply Chest
 - If you try to XLog after looting the Supply Chest you will now have a 2:30 minute delay until your account is logged out
 - The PvP Supply Chest will now automatically set your Targetting to All
 - The Search Teleports input now automatically opens when you go to Teleport using the Nexus Teleporter
 - Cooks Assistant Quest has been added, speak to the Cook in Lumbridge to start it!
 - Dorics Quest has been added, speak to Doric north of Falador to start it!
 - Sheep Shearer quest has been added, speak to Fred The Farmer to start it!
 - Quests have been added to the Quest Tab
 - You can now have up to 400 friends on your friends list!

Bug Fixes
 - Some Jewelery didn't allow you to teleport from below 30 Wilderness, this has now been fixed.
 - Fixed an issue with Infernal Pickaxe activating the incorrect boost
 - The Music player now functions, you will now be able to select different tracks

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