BoomScape Updates [17/03/22]


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BoomScape Updates

New Content & Changes
 - Chinchompa Pet's are have been reduced from 1/10,000 to 1/2,500
 - Increased the rates of getting Farming Pets
 - Bloodhound Pet can now be obtained from any clue scroll, the rates have been updated on the Forums Thread to show this
 - Farming Pet Chances have been drasticall reduced making them more obtainable
 - Max Cape now has all Perks functioning as they should & Teleports added
 - Rocky Pet can now be recoloured using various Berries!

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed an issue where you couldn't enter people from your groups Houses
 - Fixed an issue where you'd get a noted Adamant Bar when using the Infernal Pickaxe on Runite rocks
 - Steve now requires minimum 70 Slayer & 89 Combat instead of 95 Slayer
 - Fixed an issue where you could get nulled when resetting box traps in Hunter
 - Fixed an issue where the server limited options in the Equiptment Tab was set to 6
 - Fixed a few issues with Restore Potions
 - Karil was previously draining Magic Levels, it now drains Agility levels as it should
 - Corrected the Experience Rates from Amethyst Ores

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