BoomScape Updates [04/04/22]


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BoomScape Update

Lieve McCracken.png

New Content & Changes
 - You will now receive slayer experience killings mobs in Zuk & Jad whilst on Task
 - Lieve McCracken will now Enhance your Tridents for x10 Kraken Tentacles allowing them to hold up to 20,000 charges
  - Added Charge/Dismantle/Check Options for the (e) variants of the weapons
 - Chambers of Xeric Pets can now be Metmorphised
 - PvP Statistics have been moved to Misc in the Quest Tab

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed an issue in The Grand Exchange where items in the first slot didn't have checks if the item went over max amount in the players Inventory/Bank upon collecting
 - Smithing Cape / Max Cape will now have the Cooking Gauntlets effect
 - Dagganoths in Jormungand's Prison now have drop tables
 - Fixed an issue with Berserker Necklace (or) combining
 - Fixed an issue where you couldn't withdraw pets from the interface in POH
 - Fixed an issue where Zenyte Donators would go back to Onyx donators when spending bonds/claiming donations
 - Fixed an issue with Enchanting Bolts when having a full inventory having no checks

 Updates In The Works Currently
  - Updating to the latest revision of OSRS, including bosses such as Nex (This may take some time due to requiring to update the way both the Mobile & Desktop Clients work)
      - Once we update the OSRS revision, we will have a lot of new Bosses added to the game that are currently missing stay tuned for those updates!
      - Group Ironmen will have a Shared Bank option, and further options to manage who's in their team
  - TOB Development, we have a lot of the basis work done just requires perfecting to provide the best experience
  - Easter Boss, for the Easter Peroid a Global Boss will be coming out very soon! Rewards will be Easter Themed and should be released this Friday

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