Enhanced Crystal Key Loot Table


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Enhanced Crystal Key Chest Loot Table

Random Loot Table

Crystal Key | Tooth half | Loop Half
Magic Seeds - 1/5 | Uncut Ruby - 70/180 | Uncut Diamond - 70/180
Cosmic Runes, Chaos Runes, Nature Runes, Law Runes, Death Runes - 100
Crystal Acorn
Gold Ore - 300/600
Runite Ore - 100/200
Runite Bar - 100/200
Raw Shark - 80

Rare Loot Table - 1 in 100

Ecumenical Key
Uncut Onyx
Crystal Armour Seed
Crystal Weapon Seed
Dragonstone Armour

Extra Loot Table (In addition to other tables) 1 in 30
Crystal Shards - 30/50

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