Enhanced Crystal Key Loot Table


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Enhanced Crystal Key Loot Table

Random Loot Table

  Item Amount
989.png985.png987.png Crystal Key, Tooth Half, Loop half 1
5316.png1619.png1617.png Magic Seeds, Uncut Ruby, Uncut Diamonds 1-5 / 70-180 / 70-180
564.png562.png561.png563.png560.png Mix of Runes 100
1623.png Uncut Sapphires  70-180
444.png Gold Ore 300-600
8782.png Mahogany Planks 100-300
451.png Runite Ore 100-200
2363.png Runite Bar 100-200
824.png Rune Dart Tip 180-350
11232.png Dragon Dart Tip 120-260
383.png Raw Sharks 80


Rare Table

  Item Amount
11942.png Ecumenical Key 1
6571.png Uncut Onyx 1
19493.png Zenyte 1
23956.png Crystal Armour Seed 1
4207.png Crystal Weapon Seed 1
24034.png Dragonstone Fullhelm 1
24037.png Dragonstone Platebody 1
24040.png Dragonstone Platelegs 1
24043.png Dragonstone Boots 1
24046.png Dragonstone Gauntlets 1


Mega Rare Table

  Item Amount
Enhanced crystal weapon seed.png Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed 1
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