BoomScape Updates [13/04/22]


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BoomScape Easter Event Update

2022 Easter event.png



New Content & Changes
 - Easter Event has been added, the event will be run every 4 hours, the aim is to pick up as many eggs as possible to gain Egg Points! To get to the Easter event just type ;;easter in-game!
 - Combat Dummy has been added to the Home area so people can test out max hits etc
 - Nightmare Boosted Drops Command has been added
 - Rada's Blessing teleports have been added
 - Clockwork Benches now function inside of POH
 - Added functionality to the Toy Horses
 - White Portal has been added to the Home Area for easy access to friendly PKing
 - PvP Armour/Weapons can now be used in the White Portal PvP
 - Zalcano has been added and can be accessed through Priffdinas!
 - You will now receive a Scroll Sack after completeing 100 Master Clues

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed issues with the Altar for switching Mage Books not always switching to the correct stated Mage Book
 - Corrected anims for Zamorak Spirtual Mages
 - Pirates now have correct Combat defintions

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