BoomScape Updates [15/04/22]


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BoomScape Updates


New Content & Changes
 - Automated Flower Poker System has been added to the Gambling Zone, this will now all be automated to help against players scamming etc
  - In the future other games like Blackjack & Dicing will function from the Interface
 - Mithril Seeds can no longer be manually planted at the Gambling Zone
 - Zalcano Killcount will now save to Highscores

Bug Fixes
 - Few fixes have been applied to Zalcano to make the boss smoother
  - Corrected anims for Zalcano standing back up from the mining phase
  - Corrected anims for Zalcano's death
  - Corrected the Zalcano's attacks from 4 ticks to every 5 ticks
  - Changed Special Attack frequency from Zalcano & lessened chance of the mines being attacked to 15%
 - You can no longer enter the Corporeal Beast cave whilst Teleblocked
 - Craws Bow will now revert to uncharged variant when out of charges

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