BoomScape Updates [19/05/22]


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BoomScape Updates
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New Content
 - Bank Fillers now have full functionality
 - TzHaar-Ket-Om Ornament Kit now works
 - Ether Bracelet now returns any ether remaining when uncharging
 - Bone Crusher will now restore Prayer Points when used in Kourend Catacombs
 - Hespori Seed Chances has been increased

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed an issue with Hespori Patch Growth rates
 - Fixed an issue with Ring Of Suffering not removing Uniquie Value when unimbued
 - Corrected protections against Dragon Fire Attacks
 - Corrected Extended Super Antifire Potion
 - Stackable items will now add to the looting bag when the bag is full, if the stackable item is already in the looting bag
 - Added a check for Looting Bag drops when having an Open Looting Bag in the Bank/Inventory
 - Dagannoth Supreme Pet Drop has been added as it was previously missing from the table

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