BoomScape Theatre of Blood Release ?


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BoomScape ToB Release

Theatre of Blood - OSRS Wiki

Theatre of Blood has now been released on BoomScape after a long awaited time of development!

The majority of TOB has been made to be 1:1 with OSRS with a few exceptions you'll find when running the raid to make it slightly easier than OSRS, though still be extremely challenging! The TOB drops previously in COX has been removed and can now only be acquired from TOB. TOB can be accessed through the Nexus Teleport at Home, under Minigames. Scythe's will now also require to be charged similar to how OSRS works, this can be done by filling up the wells at TOB with Blood Runes and Vials of Blood, 1 charge is equal to 100 charges.

There has also been a few fixes in general to how NPCs function which should provide a much better experience when bossing overall.

To celebrate the release of TOB we will be running an event for the following categories

First Team to get a Unique drop - $50 Store Credit for each of the contributing players within the Team & $100 Credit for the person that receieved a Unique drop!
First Solo to get a Unique drop - Scythe of Vitur (uncharged) (Be sure to show proof of the Solo run using the Rewards Room interface)

Speed Events, please be sure to post your fastest times in Discord under #tob-team-times or #tob-solo-times be sure to take a screenshot of the interface from the Rewards Room to be eligible.

Fastest Team to run TOB - $50 Store Credit each 
Fastest Solo to run TOB - Scythe of Vitur (uncharged)

Bug fixes/Suggestions will now resume to be released weekly, we are also working on a new revision update which will include new content & bosses such as Nex!

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