BoomScape Updates [07/06/22]


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BoomScape Updates

Majority of todays updates are todo with TOB fixing up the majority of bugs/issues found from TOB runs

New Content
 - You are now assigned chests within TOB with an arrow pointing to your chest, this also includes Purple chests to show you received a unique
 - Nylocas will no longer hit the maximum hit if you are on the wrong prayer, instead it'll hit up to the maximum
 - Added Escape Crystals for Theatre of Blood
 - Presets can now be accessed from ToB & CoX Bank areas

Bug Fixes
 - Projectiles now work how they should at TOB Verzik Boss
 - Fixed issues with Nylocas's attacks and the way the boss switches through its phases
 - Fixed an issue on Phase 1 of Verzik where the Boss would still attack you whilst dead
 - Added stat restores to after you defeat Xarpus
 - Added a check to bloat to not inflict damage upon stomp if it's dead
 - Fixed a server side issue with destroying the TOB Dynamic Map
 - Fixed an issue caused by the Target Route System in PvP
 - Fixed an issue where the logout listener wasn't removed from Nightmare Zone which in some cases put you back to NMZ area when logging back in

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