BoomScape Updates [14/06/22]


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BoomScape Updates


New Content
 - Group Ironmen can now view and manage their team, you can do this by going to Adam at home and selecting 'Manage ironman group'!
 - Fishing Explosives now work in Kraken instances
 - Dinhs Bulwark Special Attack now works
 - The Lottery now starts at 25m GP
 - Mysteryious Emblems are now x10 of OSRS
 - Ancient Artefacts are now x20 of OSRS
 - Incinerator in the Bank Interface now works for deleting items

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed an issue with Noted items in TOB being withdrawn to the bank in noted form.
 - Dragon Platebody/(g) now has characters arm renders set correctly
 - Corrected Portals at Pest Control Death & Defend Animations
 - You can now use Range/Magic for Portals at Pest Control
 - NPE Fixes (Null Pointer Exception)
     - Fixed an issue with Server Side NPEs in relation to Fishing Spots 
     - Fixed an NPE with a Vasa Nistirio attack
     - Fixed an NPE with Slayer Task Tips
     - Fixed an NPE at Adamant Dragons
     - Added a NPE check at COX
     - Fixed a bunch of NPEs at Pest Control

 Cache Update
  - New Interface has been added for Group Ironman Management which will require clients to be restarted to be able to use

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