BoomScape Updates [22/06/22]


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BoomScape Updates


New Content
 - The Mimic has been released!
     - You will need to go to Watson's House located near Hosidius and speak to the Mimic chest to enable the chance of getting Mimics
     - The Mimic can be rolled on either Master Caskets (1/10), or Elite Caskets (1/20)
     - Unlike OSRS you have unlimited chances to defeat the Mimic, dying will not change the chance of the loot
     - Third Age items have a chance of 1/200 to be added to your Mimic Clue Scroll
    - The Mimic is also a Teleport in the Nexus teleporter
 - The Ring of 3rd Age has been added along with all the options to morph into 3rd age items
 - Mimic KC now saves to the Highscores

File:Seed box interface.png

 - Seed Box has been added
  - Seed Box can be purchased in the Vote Shop for 25 Vote Points


 - Seed Vault has been added, this can be accessed at the Farming Guild and serves to store all types of Seeds & Saplings!
  - UIM are unable to use the Seed Vault as storage

Bug Fixes
 - Clue Scrolls now have the 'examine' option within the interface
 - Fixed an issue where the Skill Lamp's Interface didn't correctly switch Sprites when selecting different skills to gain xp
 - Fixed an issue within the Quest Tab where the selected option didn't change visually, and fixed an issue on Resized Screens

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