BoomScape Updates [09/07/22]


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BoomScape Updates


New Content
 - Chambers of Xeric Loot will now have the Loot Beam added above the chest, white for no uniques, purple for a unique
 - The assigned Chests at TOB now show the spinning selector for your loot
 - Sarachnis should no longer null, also added correct Attack, Defend & Death anims
 - Catherby added to Nexus Teleport
 - Reduced Agility Pet base chance by 50%
 - AFK Zone Added, this will be located just behind the Well of Goodwill
  - Wintertodt will provide Construction, Firemaking & Woodcutting experience
  - Herbiboar will provide Herblore & Hunter experience
  - Zalcano will provide Runecrafting, Mining & Smithing experience
  - Per successful action you will be rewarded with AFK Points which can be used in the new AFK Shop

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed an issue with the GE Offer Viewer for Mods+
 - Fixed an issue in the Catacombs with unwalkable flags by Bloodvelds & Greater Demons

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