BoomScape Updates [14/07/22]


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BoomScape Updates


Content Changes
 - AFK Zone has been changed and nerfed drastically
  - The chance at a successful action has been reduced from 70% to 40%
  - There is now a 50% chance at receiving an AFK point per succesful rotation
  - The delay per action has been increased from 4 ticks to 6-12 ticks
  - Mystery Box price has been increased, Third Age Mystery Box has been removed
 - Dragon Warhammer now requires 60 Strength instead of 60 Attack
 - Added Graceful Hallowed combine options & added to the Vote Shop
 - Added Graceful Trailblazer combine options & added to the AFK Shop
 - Added Zalcano Shard combine options & added to Pickaxe usage, this has also been added to the AFK Shop
 - 3rd Age Plateskirt added to 3rd Age Mystery Box, Mimic Loot Table, Clue Scroll Tables & Mystery Box

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed an issue with Trident (e) & added dialogue when dismantling
 - Fixed an issue with Blamish Oil being the wrong ID for creation of Oily Fishing Rod
 - Rapid Heal now resets the HP timer
 - Fixed an issue with Obsidian Set bonus when using Ornament versions
 - Changed the Tome of Fire to use Empty book on Mystery Boxes
 - You can no longer use cannons at Cerberus & TOB

I am away on Holiday for the weekend, but once I return we will be working on the new Revision Updates, we have already packed all the latest OSRS data from #206, and will be working on fixing up a few issues once I get back and then working on the new content!



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