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Hey guys or gals, I'm Connor, been playing runescape for 14 years now and usually hop into rsps' when I get bored of the grind of osrs haha. Hope to make some friends and memories on this server. ?

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Oh yeah, I also put some of my hobbies below and if we share any, Id love to talk abou them.

Rock climbing, 3d printing, snowboarding, and skateboarding.

I am also a computer engineering student if anyone wants to talk about programming or electronics.

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Just now, LittleDan said:

Bro I went up to Sugar Mountain, NC in January and went skiing for the first time. Was gonna go snowboarding but they ran out at rental. Welcome!

Snowboarding is so much fun. I teach it at a local resort in Minnesota, so I know quite a bit about it haha

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