BoomScape Updates [07/10/22]


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BoomScape Latest Update

New Content
 - Ash Sanctifier now functions, Donators will get the full experience from using it, any non donators will receive half the experience
 - Zahur has been added to the Donator Zone
 - Added Ammonite Crabs to the Donator Zone
 - Amethyst Bolts & Darts can now be created
 - Amethyst Darts can now be used on the Blowpipe
 - Arrows can now be used with weapon poison along with Amethyst Darts
 - The Granite Maul now costs 60% Special Attack, with the Ornate Maul now functioning how it should at 50% Special Attack
 - Ornate Maul can now be combined with a Granite Maul
 - Abyssal Dagger drop rate is now what it should be
 - When receiving a 99/max the global announcement will also display what Experience Mode you are playing on
 - Added Tertiary Rewards to TOB (Ornament Kits & Sanguine Dust)
 - Celestial Ring/Signet will now provide an invisible +4 mining bonus
 - Celestial Ring/Signet now consumes charges, saving charges from being used with Crystal Tools
 - Ultimate Mystery Box & Voting Mystery Box tables have been updated
 - Jimmy Dazzler Shop Updated
 - PK Points Shop Prices reduced
 - Voting Shop has been updated

Bug Fixes
 - You can now create a Slayer Helm with imbued Black Masks of any variant
 - Added checks to Nightmare Zone todo with Absorption protection smuggling
 - Fixed an issue with certain items having issues with being alched.
 - Corrected Crystal Body stats
 - Added missing Void Ornament Items to the Set Effect
 - Corrected the cycles for Shooting Stars
 - Basilisk Knights now count towards tasks
 - Fixed an issue with old players being unable to login
 - Fixed issue wih Pest Control Stat rewards
 - Corrected Spawn timers for Thermonuclear Smoke Devil & Cerberus
 - Corporeal Beast can no longer be Venomed/Poisoned
 - Fixed incorrect BOFA range from 8 Squares to 10 Squares

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