BoomScape Halloween Update [26/10/22]


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? BoomScape Halloween Update ?

Halloween Event!
 - There will be a Boss Event which runs every 3 hours, and always spawned upon a server restart.. This is not a SAFE EVENT FOR HCIM.
  - Possible rewards include the following;
   - Black Candy (Guaranteed) - These can be used in the Halloween Shop for some Festive items!
   - BoomScape Bonds, 1/100 Chance for 50 Bonds, 1/10 Chance for 10 Bonds!
   - Black H'ween Mask, 1/500 Chance
   - Pumpkin, 1/100 Chance
   - Little Death Pet, 1/50 Chance
 - The Halloween event can be accessed by typing ;;halloween in-game, with the event ending on Friday 4th of November

New Content
 - Meiyerditch Laboratories has been added to the Teleport Nexus along with NPC Spawns
 - Appreciation Points have now been limited due to the excessive amounts of AFK players farming appreciation points on alt accounts. The new system won't be publicly dettailed. If you don't abuse the appreication points then you shouldn't notice any effect.
 - When achieving 200,000,000 experience in a stat, your game mode will also be broadcasted
 - Agility Pet rates have been halved
 - Skilling pets are now 5x more likely once 200m experince has been achieved
 - Scroll Boxes will now be rewarded from Bird Nests & Fishing Clue Bottles

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue in the Grand Exchange, where when collecting unstackable items as 'items' the inventory space wouldn't be taken into consideration/checked
- Corrected a few issues with items not having the correct requirements setup
- Fixed an issue with a Shortcut in Zeah getting stuck
- Corrected drop rates on Zakl'n Gritch
- Crystal Implings will no longer spawn in Puro Puro, and will from now spawn in Prifddinis
- Jad now provides the correct amount of Slayer Experience
- Corrected Dragon Dart to have the correct bonuses

Server Sided
 - Changed the way Database settings are used for the server, for continuity between the server and local development

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