BoomScape Updates [06/11/22]


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BoomScape Updates

Nex Changes
 - Nex Special Attack chance has been decreased, making it easier
 - Fixed an issue with the Shadow Smash attack being incorrectly done
 - Reduced Blood Reavers healing by 50%

New Content
 - Bot Prevention has been added to various other skills to combat against players using Autoclickers
 - Added missing spawns to the Wilderness Slayer Cave & missing Tasks to Krystilia 

Bug Fixes
 - All Slayer Helmets should now function correctly in the Smoke Dungeon
 - 'Empty Jugs' have been corrected to the right ID
 - Fixed a bug where you could get unlimited charges on charged items that use Ornament Kits
 - Fixed an issue with the Anicent Ceremonial Mask
 - Nightmare Zone spawns have been adjusted
 - Fixed an issue with Poison/Venom whilst using a cannon, this extends & fixes issues with item charges being used for each hit with a cannon
 - Some NPCs were being named as 'null' when Rare items were broadcasted on Drop, these have been fixed
 - Fixed an issue with cannons not being able to start firing again whilst being attacked by NPCs

Removed Content
 - The Halloween Event has now ended, you can still access the Shop & Location by typing ;;halloween

Staff logs
 - Corrected wording for when items are dropped
 - Added PK logs

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