BoomScape Updates [09/11/22]


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BoomScape Updates

Nex Fixes
 - Melee Attack
  - Praying against Melee now halfs the max hit, previously was * 0.8
 - Smoke Phase
  - Smoke Magic Hit has been increased from 32 to 33, protect from magics now halfs the max hit, previously was * 0.8
 - Shadow Phase
  - Shadow Range Max hit has been increased from 45 to 60, protection against Range now halfs the max hit
  - Shadow Range Max hit also changes depending on your distance from Nex
 - Blood Phase
  - The Blood Magic attack now only targets a single player, and any players within a 3x3 AoE of the current target
 - Ice Phase
  - If praying Protect from Missiles whilst stuck inside the 'Ice Prison' the max damage of 75 will be reduced by 50%
  - When being trapped in the 'Ice Prison' you can now re-activate prayers & eat
  - Upon the Stalagmites being destroyed the player will now be unlocked
  - Protect from Magic increased from * 0.8 to 0.5
 - Zaros Phase
  - Prayer Effectivness increased from * 0.8 to 0.5

Content Updates
 - Little Nightmare Pet Base rates have been reduced and are now 1/1,000 or 1/800 if you are the MVP
 - You can now revert inactive BOFA's & Blade's of Saeldor for Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seeds at the Signing Bowl for 250 Crystal Shards

Bug Fixes
 - You can no longer Gamble if you are below a certain level

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