BoomScape Updates [12/11/22]


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BoomScape Updates


Content Updates
 - Base drop rate has been increased, previously was 1/53, and is now 1/43 for non-mvp, mvp is now 1/39.
 - Nex KC now shows upon a kill
 - You can now use Presets in the Nex waiting room
 - Removed Discord message regarding Lottery when the pot is at 0gp

 Nightmare Fixes
 - Ranged/Magic attacks now apply the following max damage correcting previous logic
  - 9 Max Damage when the correct prayers are used
  - 33 Max Damage when no prayers are used
  - 39 Max Damage when the incorrect prayer is used

Bug Fixes
 - Ammonite Crabs are now aggressive
 - Cannons can no longer be placed within the Nex regions
 - Added further checks for pre-iron accounts

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