BoomScape Updates [29/11/22]


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BoomScape Update

New Content
 - Greatish Guardian has been added
 - Cleaned up how Pets are done in the backend
 - Inquistors Armour now applies the correct bonus' when using 'Crush' attack style
 - Soul Bearer functionality has been added
  - The Soul Bearer has been added to the Appreciation Store!

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed an issue with the Yell command causing clients to screenshot with certain phrases
 - Slayer Monsters that provide more experience than their HP level will now provide that amount of experience
 - Fixed a pricing issue in the Shops
 - Fixed a bug that caused Nightmare to drop double loot
 - Fixed a few null issues
 - Fixed an issue with the Appreication Point system calculating incorrectly
 - Issue with Pets reverting after being morphed if not picked up before logging out has been fixed.

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