BoomScape Updates [10/12/22]


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BoomScape Latest Updates

New Content
 - Granite Cannonballs now function with the Dwarf Cannon
  - Granite Cannonballs can now be made by using them on Granite Dust
 - Bracelet of Slaughter & Expeditious Barcelet now works as intended, with a 25% chance of being used whilst equipt on a Slayer Task.

Bug Fixes
 - Sanguinesti Staff is now 4 tick, previously was set to 5 tick 
 - Toxic Staff of Dead now has +25 Magic attack bonus
 - Purple Sweets now provides the correct message in-game & restores 10% run energy
 - Fixed some issues with nulls at ToB, one being when using Ring of Suffering at Nylocas
 - Corrected Weapon Type on Crystal Pickaxe
 - Fixed an 'invisible' damage that was happening at Olm
 - Magic is now highest DPS against Totems at Nightmare
 - Added a check to ToB to end a custom death end event listener which sometimes seemed to not remove correctly.
 - Fixed an issue with repeating un-noting tasks with your servant at PoH. 

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