BoomScape Christmas Update [16/12/22]


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??BoomScape Christmas Update!??



Big Noodle returns to BoomScape!

  • Big Noodle will be spawned on any Server Restart
  • The new Boss will spawn every 3 hours after Big Noodle has been killed
  • Multiple Drop Tables can be landed on the new Boss, further details below on exact tables, all tables can be hit on every kill and all tables are unique to each player. To receive a drop you need to hit Big Noodle for at-least 1 damage!
  • New Christmas Shop Added to spend Snowballs in!

Big Noodle's Drop Table

Snowball detail.png 200 Snowballs (1/50)
Snowball detail.png 100 Snowballs (1/25)
Snowball detail.png 50 Snowballs (Guaranteed)
Old school bond detail.png 100 Bonds (1/100)
Old school bond detail.png 10 Bonds (1/10)
Christmas cracker detail.png Christmas Cracker (1/500)
Noodle.png Little Noodle Pet (1/50)


Event Shop


New Content
 - BOFA increased protection in the wilderness

Bug Fixes
 - Heavy Casket now has the correct standing animations
 - Skeletal Mystic's at COX are now considered 'undead' NPCs
 - Wilderness Armours / Weapons can now be used on Combat Dummys anywhere
 - Master Wand now saves Spells upon switching weapons

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