BoomScape Updates [21/12/22]


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BoomScape Update

New Content
 - The Graphic used when achieving a 99 has been updated
  - When achieving the max total level you will now receive the correct graphic
 - New Event Point System added, which will be rewarded for events ran by Staff
 - Items Protection Values have been updated, now using OSRS's GE Values to evaluate what will be protected on death.

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed some instances in combat that caused a 'null'
 - Corrected a Syntax for the ;;thread & ;;member commands
 - Vanguards now drop the correct Guaranteed drops in COX and have a 1/2 chance at either Revitalisation or Overloads being dropped
 - Added correct projectile graphic for Amethyst Javelins
 - Fixed a bug when having a pet out at an RuneCrafting altar it would transform that pet into a Rift Guardian pet

Other Development
 - Streamlined the way Discord Logs are done
 - Added a local logging system for individual players
 - Disabled Spores at Nightmare

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