BoomScape Updates [05/01/23]


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BoomScape Latest Update

Blighted ancient ice sack detail.png

New Content
 - Correct walk/run animations have been added for Ski's
 - Amulet of Avarice has been added to the Revenant drop tables, when worn, this will note all drops by NPCs in the Revenant Caves
 - Revenant Caves have been re-worked to match OSRS, there are now only Revenant Monsters in the cave
 - Added Blighted Sacks for Wilderness Usage (These won't 'light' up in the Magic Book interface)
 - Added Blighted Foods & Potions
 - Revenants now drop Blighted items, and Wilderness Slayer Cave NPCs now drop Blighted items amongst other Wilderness Items
 - Looting Bag Notes now work on Bankers/Banks

Bug Fixes
 - Corrected Fishing Guild Teleport location on Lunar Spellbook
 - Fixed an issue where you would get stuck when Runecrafting without a Pet out
 - Added a check for the Grand Exchange for new players so you can't xfer items across
 - General Graardor range attack chance has been corrected
 - Fixed an issue where you would sometimes be hit by 'invisible' blood splatters at ToB
 - Corrected some Text from a Slayer task guide
 - Staff of the Dead now saves autocast
 - Updated Wilderness Slayer Cave to use the correct NPC IDs

Equipment Rebalance Tier Changes & Poll 76

Equipment Rebalance
 - We have implemented the update of a list of items that were rebalanced last year on OSRS
  - List of items affected
   - Ghrazi Rapier
   - Inquisitors Mace
   - Trident of the Swamp/(e)
   - Sanguinesti Staff
   - Kodai Wand
   - Dragon Hunter Crossbow
   - Dragon Hunter Lance
   - Scythe of Vitur
   - Twisted Bow
   - Toxic Blowpipe & all Dart variants
   - Armadyl Crossbow
   - Crystal Bow
 - If any items have been missed please let me know, some items were already 'rebalanced'

Christmas Content
 - Big Noodle has been disabled, you can still access ;;xmas to spend any remaining Snowball points!

Client Updates
 - The 'RuneLite' command !kc now works
 - CoX Helper has been re-added to the client

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