BoomScape Updates [09/03/23]


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BoomScape Updates

New Additions to BoomScape

  • Added Potato Cactus Spawns in the Kalphite Lair
  • KQ Head drop rate has been adjusted, Dragon Pickaxe has also been added to the Kalphite Queen's Loottable at 1/400
  • Raw Chompy Meat is now in Stock in "~ Uglug's stuffsies ~" shop.
  • You can now add up to 400 friends
  • Added a Nex Double Drop Rate Boost command for Admins
  • If claiming a secondary Ectophial the Diary will still be progressed
  • Added Dark Fishing Bait to the Fisherman Shop at the Home shops area.
  • When logging in you will be notified if Pest Control is currently boosted!
  • Xeric's Talisman (inert) can be broken down for 100 Lizardman Fangs
  • Special Attack Orb added back to the Wilderness
  • Monk Robe item spawns added to the Skilling Bank

Dungeons Added

  • You can now access the Evil Chicken Lair by using a piece of Raw Chicken on the Evil Chicken Statue in Zanaris
  • Myth's Guild Dungeon has been made accessible from all entrances, and the Wrath Altar now requires a Talisman or Tiara
  • The Red Chinchompa hunting ground is now accessible.
  • Fixed the DLS Fairy Ring Teleport, and added accessibility to the Meryerditch Dungeons
  • Added BJP Fair Ring Teleport to the Isle of Souls
  • Added Isle of Souls Dungeon access
  • Added Ogre Enclave to Teleport Nexus & added NPC Spawns
  • Added the dig option to enter Brine Rat Cavern
  • Added Waterfall Dungeon to Teleport Nexus
  • Added Keldagrim to Teleport Nexus
  • Added functionality to the gates at Sophanem to allow access.

Performance Changes

  • Altered how the Collection Log is done slightly to increase performance & useability.

Client Additions

  • Added invalid email response to mobile & desktop clients.
  • Added the constant URL for the GE Prices from the RuneLite API on Desktop
  • Added a progress bar when loading the mobile client to display how far in you are to loading it.

Cache Changes

  • Added a fix to an OSRS CS2 that was causing text input to stop working on interfaces which should fix the issue people get with Bank Searching etc
  • Fixed an issue with the cache, which basically made client loading times take over 40-50 seconds on Mobile & Desktop due to the background image we used for the login screen, this has been fixed and now loads in about 5 seconds on Mobile and quicker on Desktop too. This may fix other issues you experience with the clients.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the 'Fletch Dragon Darts at The Bedabin Camp' task
  • Fixed an issue where lighting fires on higher floor levels would burn the fire at ground level
  • Fixed an issue with the Pass Through the Shanty Pass whilst wearing Desert Robes task.
  • Fixed an issue in the NMZ Rewards where you could buy unlimited supplies regardless of the points you had
  • Fixed a CS2 that was being incorrectly sent todo with Chatbox/PMs
  • Added a CS2 that is required for the players chatbox to render correctly, which should fix players having issues with their chatbox/private messages/clan chat messages etc
  • Corrected the Slayer Tower bounds for Konar Slayer
  • Corrected Diary Task where it progressed for every item rolled instead of just the box.
  • Corrected Divine Super Combat Prices in Donator Island store.
  • Corrected the Teleport to the Fishing Guild Diary Task
  • Fixed an issue with the doors in Witchhaven not being accessible which was needed for a diary
  • Fixed an issue on Fixed Screens where when receiving new collection log items it'd cause you not to receive them due to an interface issue
  • Fixed an issue with Shift Drop setting, which seems like it *should* fix an issue with not being able to type in certain interfaces
  • Fixed an issue where even when you didn't have the Kourend Elite Diary you'd still receieve double loot chance at CoX
  • Voting Reward Box now has correct name & functionality
  • Null at Vorkath has been fixed
  • Null at Sotetseg has been fixed
  • Abyssal Sire is now immune to venom & poison
  • Corrected Vorkath's Head ID at Taxidermist
  • Fixed an issue with using Items on NPCs
  • Fixed an issue in the settings tab where changing the Chat box scrollbar position or Side panel visual appearance would change the gameframe.
  • Corrected medium Ardougne Diary task description
  • Fixed Looting bag not working within the Bank interface
  • Increased Collection Log Container size.
  • Fixed an issue with Clue Skips
  • Fixed an issue with the Whisky Task in the Desert
  • Fixed an issue with the Hydra Diary Task


  • Bond Pouch button in settings now opens the BoomScape Store
  • Starting cash for new players has been reduced to 500k for completing the tutorial
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