BoomScape Updates [13/03/23]


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Hello Boomers! We're excited to announce that we've implemented some new fixes and additions to BoomScape. With these updates, we're confident that in-game play will be even smoother than ever before following our massive upgrade last week. We've compiled a list of the updates that have been rolled out over the past few days for you to check out.

BoomScape Additions

  • Added functionality to the Settings interface when using the search tool.
  • Coal Bags can now be emptied directly into your bank within the Bank Interface
  • Added Beginner Scroll Boxe's to a list of NPCs/Jars etc

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Trees not providing
  • Fixed an issue on multi stage achievements where on the first occasion of progressing it would only progress one step.
  • Fixed an issue which casued Roofs to not be hidden when relogging even when the option was checked.
  • Corrected Alchemical Hydra "Heads" drop rate
  • Corrected Best Time on Nex Global Stats
  • Fixed an issue with the Hide Roofs setting which didn't save upon relogging
  • Fixed some issues with the locations at Konar Slayer
  • Containers are now filled one by one (vials, buckets etc)
  • Nex Boost was incorrect set, this has been fixed.
  • Isle of Souls Fairy Ring teleport has been corrected.

Clue Scrolls Update

  • Beginner Clue Scrolls have been added.
  • Rune Heraldic Armour has been added to Hard Clue Scrolls
  • D'hide Shields have been added to Hard Clue Scrolls
  • 3rd Age Druidic has been added to Master Clue Scrolls
  • Blessings have been added to Clue Scrolls
  • Black Heraldic Armour has been added to Easy Clue Scrolls
  • Adamant Heraldic Armour has been added to Medium Clue Scrolls
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