BoomScape Updates [14/03/23]


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Hey Boomers!

We're excited to announce new content for BoomScape! Every vote you now claim adds to the new Server Vote Reward System. Once a threshold of 500 votes have been claimed in-game, an event will be rolled for 1 hour in-game.

We've provided a list below of the events that can be rewarded to the server, along with their chances of being rewarded:

  • Double Drops, 2% chance
  • Double CoX Unique Chance, 5% chance
  • Double ToB Unique Chance, 5% chance
  • Double Nightmare Unique Chance, 5% chance
  • Double Nex Unique Chance, 8% chance
  • Double PK Points, 10% chance
  • Double Slayer Points, 15% chance
  • Double Pest Control Points, 25% chance
  • Boosted Experience, 25% chance

In addition to this exciting new content, we've also fixed an issue with Cannons disconnecting everyone around them when attempting to be repaired.

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