BoomScape Updates [21/03/23]


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Greetings, Boomers! We are delighted to announce that we have some new updates for you today, which include fixes for existing issues as well as some fresh content that you have been requesting. We hope you enjoy these new additions and thank you for your ongoing support.

BoomScape New Additions

  • Collection logs now show 'green' when a log has been completed
    • Added a small list of missing items and some items that weren't tracking correctly
  • Theatre of Blood Changes
    • When you die, you now go into one of the 'Viewing Areas' within that room
    • You will now be released from the viewing areas 10 ticks after the boss dies
    • Fixed an issue in 5-man teams where the 5th chest was spawning in the wrong area and not showing.
    • The team will now get notifications when a teammate has died, and display the current Death count for that raid.
  • Added Vials of Blood to the Herblore Shop
  • More Clue Scroll Loot has been added
  • Items will no longer need to be withdrawn to add to the collection log from ToB
  • Uniques will now be displayed locally to your ToB team

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where you could attack certain NPCs in an 'unattackable' state using manual casting magiks
  • Empty Bucket packs now open as they should
  • Fixed the quantity options when casting silver items & moulds.
  • Fixed an issue where you could make CoX 'empty' by starting raids whilst both being in the raid waiting room.
  • Telegrabbing ground items that are respawnable now allows the item to respawn
    • Fixed a issue where a lot of respawnable items were set to 0 seconds, meaning they wouldn't respawn.
  • At ToB you will automatically disband or leave your party if you leave the area or logout
  • Fixed an issue with the loot system at ToB
  • Fixed an issue where you could use pots on the same pot to fill them up
  • Fixed an issue with a GIM Null Server Sided
  • Fixed some performance issues with ToB


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