BoomScape Updates [28/04/2023]


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Firstly wanted to start by apologizing for the lack of recent updates. We know that many of you have been waiting for new content and improvements to the game, and we appreciate your patience and support. We have dropped a large update today to end April of as you can see below! Some exciting new bits of content and much needed bug fixes have been applied. We will be continuing to work through our Discord ticket list on updates you, the players want!

  • BoomScape Content Updates

    • The Vote Boost now requires 250 votes to be rolled, instead of the previous 500, making it roll more frequently
    • Snakes have been added to Mos Le Harmless which drop Snake Hide
    • You can now convert the Baby Mole pet, by using a Mole Claw to make it into a Baby mole-rat or Mole Skin to turn it back into a Baby mole.
    • Obor can now be accessed and slain, no key is required to fight Obor.
    • Added Mossy Key to Bryophyta's drop table for people hunting Collection Log items
    • Added the Shortcut in Stronghold Slayer Cave
    • Small Larrans Chest has been added
      • Added the correct counter to Larran's Chests
      • Items from the Larran's Chest will now log correctly
      • You can now right click 'check' to check the amount of chests opened
    • Added missing Jars to bosses, also adjusted rates of jars from other bosses
    • Changes made to the Bot Prevention Guard
      • You will now only be assigned to mine 50 rocks, down from 350.
      • There is now a cooldown to when the guard can spawn again requesting your attention
      • You now have up to 4 minutes to respond to the Guard instead of the previous 2 minutes.
    • Changed around some GP sinks to match the economey we now have in BoomScape
      • Donator Skins have been adjusted and now all cost the same amount at 10m
      • Clue Scroll Skips have been repriced
      • Resetting skills through Mac has been adjusted from 100m to 20m, and 50m to 10m for Ironmans
    • Mysterious Stranger at Theatre of Blood now sells Sinhaza Shroud Tiered Capes which require TOB KC to wear
      • Tier 1 - 10kc
      • Tier 2 - 50kc
      • Tier 3 - 100kc
      • Tier 4 - 250kc
      • Tier 5 - 500kc
    • Captain Rimor has been added to Chambers of Xeric and now provides Xeric's Capes
      • Xeric's Guard - 10kc
      • Xeric's Warrior - 50kc
      • Xeric's Sentinel - 100kc
      • Xeric's General - 250kc
      • Xeric's Champion - 500kc
    • Grubbys Chest now has the chance to provide Orange/Blue egg sacs
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issues with some NPCs not having task locations through Konar which caused issues with players being unable to finish the task
      • Also fixed an issue with Boss Tasks being assigned locations
    • Fixed an issue with Xarpus having to high of a defence level
    • Zulrah Pet was only able to drop on certain phases which has now been fixed
    • Added the correct combat script for Bryophyta
    • Fixed an issue where all levels of Moss Giants shared the same combat definitions making them "beefy".
    • Fixed an issue at Theatre of Blood where you would be spawned below the map aka "hell" when dying at Xarpus
    • Fixed an issue where you wouldn't get a free daily boss task from Zotikos if you had Varrock Elite completed.
    • Fixed an issue with levers where they wouldn't restore if the player disconnected
    • Larran's Keys are now a guaranteed drop from Superiors
    • Fixed an issue with the wrong glory (t) being given as a reward, and also corrected the amount for Master Scroll Book
    • Fixed an issue where you could long range attack Maiden at Theatre of Blood in a 'safe spottable' way.
    • Hespori Seeds now add to the collection log
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