BoomScape Updates [25/06/2023]


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BoomScape Updates

Just an update to everyone, I decieded to travel for a longer peroid than initially expected, which means providing updates to BoomScape has been a bit slow lately! I will be taking some days over the next week to dedicate to providing BoomScape with some more interesting updates than just bug fixes. Sorry for the recent neglect and I hope everyone is still enjoying BoomScape!

  • Content Updates
    • Occult Necklace is now announced in global drops
    • When crushing Crystal Shards you can now input the amount you would like to crush
    • Functionality has been added to Pearly Fly Fishing Rod
  • Bug Fixes
    • Dagon'Hai Robe stats have been corrected
    • Kill timers are now checked and removed when exiting the Nightmare
    • Corrected a number of NPCs that were using the incorrect Slayer Category
    • Vorkath Head now adds to the Collection Log when dropped
    • Ornamted Rune Scimitar Kits now have the correct attack styles & animations
    • The Giant Mole is now a multi zone
    • Removed a check for COX Potions that caused issues with other potions
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