BoomScape Updates [24/07/23]


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Greetings, brave adventurers of BoomScape! We are thrilled to announce a series of exhilarating updates that will take your gameplay to new heights! Get ready to dive into a realm of mysteries, challenges, and thrilling changes that await you in the latest update.

Let's delve into the action-packed world of BoomScape Updates:


  • Unleash Thralls with Arceuus Magic: Summon powerful Thralls from the Arceuus Spellbook to assist you in taking on formidable monsters!

  • Ring of Suffering (r) Imbuement: Enhance the power of your Ring of Suffering (r) by imbuing it in the Nightmare Zone reward chest!

  • Wilderness Chest Revamp:

    • Feel the Heat: Looting the PvP Supply Chest now hits you for 25 damage, raising the stakes!
    • Coin Change: 100m Coins now grace the loot table, replacing the former 500m.
    • Farewell to Ghrazi Rapier: The Ghrazi Rapier bids adieu to the loot table, making room for fresh surprises!
  • 3rd Age Treasure Hunt: The chance of obtaining coveted 3rd Age items from clue scrolls has been boosted!

  • Arceuus Spellbook can now be selected for your presets!

Bug Fixes:

  • Scaling the House on the Hill: Traverse with ease as you can now climb up to the House on the Hill using the stairs!

  • Golden Prospector Empowered: The Golden Prospector equipment now grants its experience bonuses, maximizing your mining potential!

  • Fearless Encounter: Conquer the Withchaven Dungeon as Hellhounds are now attackable!

  • Unpack Cannon Ball: Unpack those cannon balls from the vote store and let the explosive fun begin!

  • Boosted Events Uninterrupted: Global Vote Rewards no longer interfere with boosted events, ensuring seamless gameplay!

  • Cudgel Combat Perfected: The Sarachnis Cudgel boasts correct attack animations and options for a smoother combat experience!

  • Superior Basilisk Mystery: The Superior Basilisk has temporarily been disabled.

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