BoomScape Updates [30/07/23]


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Welcome to BoomScape, where new horizons await! Get ready for some exciting updates that will add an extra spark to your gaming experience. From the enhanced Well of Goodwill to the newly functional Composite Bows, there's plenty to explore. Venture into Darkmeyer, chop the enigmatic Blisterwood Tree, and face thrilling challenges along the way. Plus, we've addressed some pesky bugs to ensure smoother gameplay. Are you prepared to take on these fresh adventures in BoomScape? Let's dive in!



Content Changes

  • The Well of Goodwill has had a massive overhaul, providing a better flow
    • You can now donate to the well for multiple benefits which can be activated simultaneously
    • These boosts will persist through restarts, including the amounts donated into the well saving to continue contribution.
  • New donateable items have been added, below is a list of the new Server Wide Boosted items
    • These will serve as a boost for everyone and not soley the player
      • Server Nex Boost, 250 Bonds, doubles Nex Boosts for 2 hours
      • Chambers of Xeric Boost, 250 Bonds, double CoX Drop Rates for 3 hours
      • Theatre of Blood Boost, 250 Bonds, doubles ToB Drop Rates for 3 hours
      • Nightmare Boost, 150 Bonds, doubles The Nightmare's drop rates for 2 hours
      • Double Drops Boost, 300 Bonds, provides double drops from the majority of NPCs for 1hour, 30minutes
  • Composite Bows are now functional and can be used in-game
  • The Blisterwood Tree in Darkmeyer is now accessible and can be chopped and the logs can be burnt
  • Donators can no longer 'farm' TokKul by entering and exiting Inferno/Fight Caves, and will now only be rewarded by the amount of waves completed. Completing the entire caves will still be rewarded fully.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where you no longer received experience when not wearing equipment in all slots
  • Zombified Thrall now attacks the Left Claw at CoX, this should fix unidentified issues with Thralls in other areas around BoomScape.
  • Thralls now spawn in a randomized position around you rather than underneath you.
  • Fixed an issue with some Inferno NPCs that wouldn't de-spawn correctly causing 'invisible' NPCs to attack you
  • Slayer points are now doubled as they should be when events activate double slayer points
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