BoomScape Updates - PvP Leaderboards Overhaul [04/08/23]


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Greetings, BoomScape adventurers! Brace yourselves for an array of exciting changes designed to enhance your gaming experience. We've listened to your feedback and diligently worked on improvements that promise to take your journey within the game to the next level. From revamped features to bug fixes, we're committed to making your time in BoomScape truly exceptional. Let's dive into what's in store!

PvP Leaderboards Overhaul:


  • We've given the PvP Leaderboards a much-needed overhaul based on your feedback!
  • Introducing a brand-new interface designed for more detailed and intuitive information display.
  • Rewards will now be distributed every Friday at 8pm GMT. You'll find a visible countdown to the reward time.
  • Your progress on the Scoreboards is now secure through server restarts. No more worries about losing your hard-earned progress!
  • Implemented checks to prevent unfair leaderboard manipulation.
  • Unclaimed PvP Leaderboard rewards will persist through server restarts and will be granted upon login.

Max Cape Revamp:



  • The Max Cape has undergone a significant revamp for enhanced functionality.
  • Enjoy the convenience of all Teleports being integrated into the cape's interface.
  • Benefit from the newly added Ring of Life effect for improved safety.
  • Access the handy Spellbook Swap feature directly from your Max Cape.
  • Experience a Daily Stamina Boost to keep you going strong!

Crafting Updates:


  • Exciting news for crafters: Amerthyst Dart Tips & Darts can now be crafted!

Monthly Vote Rewards Automation:

  • Starting from the 1st of each month, your Monthly Vote Rewards will be automatically granted.

Time Display Change:

  • In certain cases time was displayed 00d/00hr/00m it will now display as 0d/0m/0m in those cases.

User-Friendly Grand Exchange:

  • Our website's Grand Exchange now supports quick searches for the latest items.

Server Wide Boosts:

  • The Chambers of Xeric & Theatre of Blood Server Wide Boost Scroll effects now last for a generous 2 hours.

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed the issue causing Server Wide Scrolls to become invisible.
  • Twisted Ancestral Items have been adjusted to be non-tradeable as intended.
  • Animations have been added to the previously missing Comp Bows.
  • Progression of the Varrock Diary for Well of Goodwill donations now works accurately.
  • Corrected the functionality of Server Wide Scrolls & Mass Vote Rewards to accurately check for ongoing boosts.
  • Adjusted the duration of Chambers of Xeric & Theatre of Blood Scrolls from 3 hours to 2 hours for consistency.
  • Chambers of Xeric bug fixes:
    • Personal Points now cap at the intended maximum of 131071, humorously displayed as "Lots!"
    • Resolved an issue where Olm's scaling wasn't correctly adjusted to the party size when initiating a raid.
  • Enhanced Wilderness Slayer Caves for multi-way combat engagement.
  • Resolved the Spellbook Swap issue for Magic Skillcape/Max Cape users on Arceuus, enabling smoother swapping.


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