BoomScape Updates - Grand Exchange Tax System [09/08/23]


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Grand Exchange Update


We have implemented a 1% tax on all Grand Exchange sales. When an item is sold through the Grand Exchange, the applicable tax will be deducted from the initial sale price. This tax is calculated on a per-item basis, meaning that for multiple items sold, the tax is individually applied to each item rather than the total amount received.

To ensure clarity, the Grand Exchange interface has been upgraded to prominently display the tax amount associated with each item sale. This information is also accessible when checking the status of your offers, ensuring complete visibility into your profits as a seller and eliminating concerns about hidden expenses.

It's important to note that items sold for less than 100 GP will be exempt from the tax. Sales falling below this threshold will indicate zero tax applied in the interface. Additionally, for items sold above 499,999,999 GP, a maximum tax of 5,000,000 GP will be levied, as indicated within the interface.

BoomScape Updates:

  • An update has been implemented to the Grand Exchange, involving the imposition of a 1% tax on all sales exceeding 100gp.
    • This new taxation system mirrors the functionality of Old School RuneScape (OSRS).
      • Notably, there is a cap of 5 million gold on the tax levied per individual item sold.
      • The tax amount is visibly presented within the interface, ensuring transparent insight into the net proceeds from sales.
      • The revenue generated from these taxes will be strategically allocated towards the acquisition of items from the in-game economy.
  • The addition of a new command, ";;ge," has been introduced. This command serves as a shortcut to directly access the Grand Exchange on the official BoomScape website.
  • An enhancement has been made to the functionality of Eternal Teleport Crystals, resulting in their seamless operation.
  • It is now possible to unstuff stuffable items.

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed an anomaly wherein damage could be inflicted by Nex's minions prior to their identification.
  • Rectified an issue pertaining to the display of certain names within the recently revamped PvP Leaderboards Interface.
    • Subsequently, the Leaderboards interface has been optimized to prevent any crashes occurring in cases where there are more than 11 players listed.
  • Resolved an incongruity associated with Thralls' behavior, wherein they were erroneously engaging as "players." They now correctly engage as non-entities.
    • Thralls will cease attacking when the target is out of their aggro range.
    • The behavior of Thralls has been further adjusted to prevent their obstruction of tiles, thereby eliminating the possibility of their misuse for safe-spotting strategies.
  • Multiple fixes have been implemented for Xarpus encounters:
    • Xarpus will no longer spawn more Skeletons than there are players in the party.
    • The process by which Xarpus deposits Skeletons has been recalibrated to a total of 25, moving away from the previous timer-based mechanism.
    • A correction has been applied to prevent instances of players spawning beneath the game map upon reintegration into their party following an encounter in the Xarpus room.
  • Rectified an anomaly causing non-receipt of PK Points due to a double farming check.
  • Resolved issues associated with Thralls Multi Check.
  • Nex will no longer consume one of the player's daily God War Boss Door skips.
  • Corrected a situation wherein excessive Bandosian components were being consumed during the repair of a damaged Torva helm.
  • Numerous corrective measures have been applied to the creation of Grand Exchange offers.
    • Addressed an issue related to the examination of items located in slots within the Grand Exchange interface.
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