BoomScape Updates - Voting Leaderboards, Bank Space Limits Expansion & more! [15/08/2023]


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Hey Boomers! Get ready for an awesome journey with our latest update! We're thrilled to bring you in-game Voting Leaderboards, a cool new PvP Leaderboards interface, and Bond Shop prices that match stock levels. We've also made Exhuming at Xarpus more exciting by scaling it to party size. Meet some fresh faces in the form of new Superior Slayer Monsters. And guess what? Donators get more Bank Space too! You can now access Blood Altars through the Abyss and Meiyerditch Laboratories. Oh, and don't miss out on the fun of 'Crack the Clue'. Get set for a fantastic time in the updated BoomScape!



  • Introducing Voting Leaderboards in-game:
    • The Voting Leaderboards have migrated from the website to an in-game display, now featuring your current rank and vote count.
    • Only votes from the current month contribute to the leaderboards; past month votes won't count. Remember to claim your in-game votes!
    • Enhanced rewards structure for increased competition:
      • 1st place: 150 Bonds
      • 2nd place: 100 Bonds
      • 3rd place: 50 Bonds
      • 4th place: 25 Bonds
      • 5th place: 10 Bonds
      • 6th-10th place: 5 Bonds
    • The website's current month leaderboard remains unchanged.
  • Convenient PvP Leaderboards interface:
    • Added a button to switch between Edgeville and Wilderness leaderboards.
  • Bond Shop prices and stock aligned:
    • BoomScape Bond Shop item prices now correlate with their stock availability.
  • Refined Exhuming at Xarpus:
    • Scaling according to party size: Solo players up to 5 participants, max party size at 25.
  • Complete roster of Superior Slayer Monsters:
    • Added missing creatures:
      • Infernal Pyrelord
      • Monstrous Basilisk
      • Malevolent Mage
      • Spiked Turoth
      • Basilisk Sentinel
      • Guardian Drake
      • Colossal Hydra


  • Expanded Bank Space Limits for donators:
    • Increased storage capacities for different donator tiers:
      • Zenyte donators: 1,200
      • Onyx donators: 1,100
      • Dragonstone donators: 1,000
      • Diamond donators: 900
      • Ruby donators: 850
      • Emerald donators: 825
  • Abyss Access for Blood Altars:
    • Both Blood Altars are now reachable from the Abyss; 'True Blood Altar' also accessible from Meiyerditch Laboratories.
  • Enigma-solving fun with 'Crack the Clue' addition.

Bug Fixes Applied:

  • Accurate Grand Exchange offer calculations:
    • Ongoing offer values and taxes now calculated precisely when viewing in the Grand Exchange.
  • Attack style auto-cast correction:
    • Auto-cast now correctly switches to 'Magic' for proper attacks on monsters like Aviansies, avoiding melee blockage.
  • Controlled Scroll Box access:
    • Prevented simultaneous opening of multiple Scroll Boxes.
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