BoomScape Updates - Costume Room Storage, Stashes & more! [06/09/2023]


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Mainly For Ultimate Ironmen:


  • The Costume Room Storage system is now operational.
    • "Sets" cannot be withdrawn currently, requiring manual item selection.
    • "Deposit mode" is temporarily non-functional.


  • Introducing Stashes in BoomScape!
    • Build stashes across Gielinor to store items.
    • Ideal for Ultimate Ironmen to stow away items for future use.
    • Most Stashes added, with a few exceptions due to map overrides.

Game Changes:

  • Updated item protection prices to align with the latest OSRS GE Values.
  • Corrected Ham joint's attack options.
  • Reduced Crystal & Elven crystal chest rewards; Zenytes removed.
  • Halved Weekly PvP Leaderboard Rewards.
  • Tool Storage (Rakes, Seed Dibbers, Spades & Secateurs) can now hold up to 100 items.
    • Withdraw items as "banknotes."
    • Functional dropdown for selecting withdrawal/deposit amounts.
    • Quantity selection at the bottom of the interface now operates.
  • Black Sanata Hat, Inverted Santa Hat & Black H'ween mask are now searchable in the Grand Exchange

Global Announcements:

  • Zenyte drops from Tortured Gorillas now globally announced.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where Iron status would not be removed.
  • Restored stats and nullified damage upon leaving Nightmare zone.
  • Updated the default icon for Global alerts.
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