BoomScape Updates - Mush Tree Teleport, Bank Pin fixes & more [31/10/2023]


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Greetings BoomScape Adventurers,

We are excited to bring you the latest patch for BoomScape, filled with enhancements, bug fixes, and additional updates aimed at improving your gaming experience. Our team has worked diligently to address important issues, introduce new features, and refine existing ones to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable journey throughout the game. Below, you will find a detailed list of all the changes and improvements we have made. Please take a moment to review them, as they are designed to enhance your gameplay and provide a more intuitive and rewarding experience.

Gameplay Enhancements:

  • Mush Tree Interface: We have ensured that the correct user interface is now displayed.
  • Volcanic Mine Access: A new shortcut has been implemented for quicker access.
  • Monkfish Fishing: Additional fishing spots are now available in the Donator Fishing Area.
  • Discord Integration: Account linking verification codes have been updated to exclude the characters 0 and O to prevent confusion.
  • Run Mode Shortcut: Enhanced functionality for the "Ctrl+click to invert run mode" setting.
  • Blessed Chaps: These can now be equipped without the need for 40 defence.

Bug Fixes:

  • Cave Crawlers Healing: The healing interval has been corrected to every 5 ticks, resolving the previous 4-tick issue.
  • Bolt Crafting: A notification will now alert players when their inventory is full, and they are unable to add bolt tips to bolts.
  • Blighted Entangle Sacks: These items are now fully functional in the Wilderness.
  • Bank Item Clickability: We have resolved the issue with certain bank items being unclickable.
  • Arceeus Library Teleport: The teleport coordinates have been adjusted and corrected.
  • Bank Pin Removal: Players now have the ability to remove Bank Pins from their accounts.

Additional Updates:

  • Staff Logs: Gambling and Mystery Box loot logs have been introduced for staff monitoring.
  • Jeed’s Spawn: A new spawn location for Jeed has been added to the game.
  • Magic Secateurs: New attack options have been incorporated.
  • Action Interruption: Filling containers will no longer result in a continuous action.
  • Staff Security: A pin verification step has been added for staff commands, enhancing account security.
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