BoomScape Updates - Big Noodles Departure, TOB Fixes & More [06/01/2024]


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Warm wishes to all BoomScape enthusiasts for a delightful Christmas and a festive New Year celebration! Your unwavering support and vibrant presence within the BoomScape community are deeply valued. As we embark on another year, filled with thrilling adventures and remarkable achievements, we express our gratitude for being part of this incredible journey.

Important Announcement: The holiday boss, Big Noodle, bids farewell to the game. Fear not! Any lingering snowball points can still be exchanged for exciting rewards at the store. Thank you for making BoomScape a vibrant and engaging community. Here's to an exceptional year ahead!

General Enhancements:

  • Corporeal Beast & Thermonuclear Display Cases are now fully functional in Player-Owned Houses (POHs).
  • Acceptance of gambles is now contingent on having adequate inventory space.

Theatre of Blood Adjustments:

  • Exiting barriers within a room is restricted until the boss in that room has been defeated.
  • Safespots against the southern wall for the Maiden and against the eastern wall for Verzik have been eliminated.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where purchasing a Slayer Reward with a full inventory would still deduct Slayer points.
  • Fixed the absence of Ecumenical Keys as drops in the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon, also addressing the non-noting of dragon bones in the Wilderness after completing the Wilderness Medium Achievement Diary.
  • Rectified a bug allowing the duplication of Watering Cans.
  • Corrected the item ID for the Sled in the Vote Store.
  • The Kebos Easy Diary Task, "Add some seeds to the Seed Vault," is now accessible to Ultimate Ironman (UIM) players by attempting to open the Seed Vault.
  • Fixed a problem where clicking away while planting a Hespori Seed prevented the seed from planting.
  • The Unsired item ID has been corrected and now adds to a player's collection log.
  • Multiple items that didn't require specific stats to be worn have been appropriately adjusted.
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