Con's barrows made easy guide


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Con's Barrows Made Easy Guide


This guide will walk through the basics of barrows with the minimum gear requirements and levels.

Obviously better/worse gear and levels can be used but this guide will use a average setup

This guide is not meant to be a optimal gear setup for speed, it is more of an introdution

to newer players to the mechanics and gear needed for barrows.


Barrows a minigame/demi-bosses that reward barrows equipment, mid tier armor and weapons.

There are 6 brothers: Ahrim, Dharok, Guthan, Karil, Torag, and Verac. Each have their own 

unique armor and weapon that has a special effect when a full set is worn.


Levels (Recommend for cheap gear setup):

-60 magic (the higher the better)

-50 attack

-43 prayer (required)

-61 range

Gear Setup:


In this setup, we opt for a high magic bonus to increase kill speeds. This can be replaced with melee armor

because the brothers have a negative magic defense so you're magic attack bonus does not need to be positive.



Prayer potions are not required because you can use ::home and use the orante pool to regain prayer points if you can not afford

prayer pots. 

How to get there:

Go ::home, then use nexus, go to minigames, then click on barrows.

Barrows in a nutshell:


This is the location of each brother and what to pray when fighting them. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS AND REMEMBER WHAT TO PRAY.

What to do:


Walk on to one of the mounds and click on your spade. This will bring you into a catacomb of the brother.


Once inside, turn on your prayer and make sure to have the right weapon equipped. (This will be discussed in the "Fighting the brothers" section)


In one of the brothers catacombs you will find this message when clicking on a sarcophagus. This will bring you to the reward chest room.

You do not want to do this until you have killed the other 5 brothers so leave and then come back to this one once they are killed.


Once in the reward room, you will have to kill the last brother once you try to open the chest. After the fight you may search the chest and get

your reward.

Fighting the Brothers:


-Pray melee

-Use Iban's blast


-Pray magic

-Use rune crossbow


-Pray melee

-Use Iban's blast

-He can hit through prayer, so watch your health


-Pray melee

-Use Iban's blast


-Pray melee

-Use Iban's blast


-Pray range

-Use Iban's blast


Torag's equipment

Torag's helm.pngTorag's platebody.pngTorag's platelegs.pngTorag's hammers.png

Verac's equipment

Verac's helm.pngVerac's brassard.pngVerac's plateskirt.pngVerac's flail.png

Karil's equipment

Karil's coif.pngKaril's leathertop.pngKaril's leatherskirt.pngKaril's crossbow.png

Guthan's equipment

Guthan's helm.pngGuthan's platebody.pngGuthan's chainskirt.pngGuthan's warspear.png

Dharok's equipment

Dharok's helm.pngDharok's platebody.pngDharok's platelegs.pngDharok's greataxe.png

Ahrim's equipment

Ahrim's hood.pngAhrim's robetop.pngAhrim's robeskirt.pngAhrim's staff.png

Bolt Racks (Used in karil's crossbow)



Crystal Key(Tooth and loop)


Barrows Equipment Set Specials:


-The lower your hp is, the higher max hit becomes.


-Magic Attacks have a 25% chance of lower a enemy's strength by 5 levels repeatedly


-Attacks have a 25% chance of a guaranteed hit


-Attacks have a 25% chance of healing you equal to the damage delt


-Attacks have a 25% chance of lowering the enemys run energy by 20%


-Attacks have a 25% chance of lowering the targets agility by 20%



Hope this guide helped you out at barrows if you are new or just needed a refresher ?¢¤¯¸ 

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