BoomScape Updates - 219 Revision Upgrade, Phantom Muspah, Wilderness Bosses Rework & More!


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We're thrilled to announce a significant update to BoomScape, introducing a blend of new content, items, and crucial quality of life improvements. This update marks the addition of Single Plus areas in the wilderness and a comprehensive rework of several iconic bosses, elevating the challenge and engagement in these zones. Entry to wilderness bosses now demands a 1 million GP fee, adding a thrilling risk-reward aspect to boss encounters.

With the community's feedback in mind, we've rolled out features like prayer filtering and a new Boss HP Bars UI, enhancing combat clarity and strategy. The update also unveils new craftable items including the Voidwaker and Venator Bow, expanding your gear options. Donators will appreciate new ornament kits, offering further customization for their favorite pieces.

On the quality of life front, NPC examines have been refined, teleport locations capitalized, and RuneLite's UI has been sleekly updated, among other improvements. We've also tackled various bugs and made adjustments to provide a smoother gameplay experience.

This update is designed to enrich the BoomScape journey for all players, combining new challenges with enhanced gameplay mechanics and visual improvements.

Clients will need to be updated, if on mobile you will likely have to re-download the client from here RuneLite clients should automatically update for you all!


New Content

  • Added Single Plus areas in the wilderness.
  • Reworked bosses Vet'ion, Calvar'ion, Callisto, Artio, Vennenatis, and Spindel, including their lesser parts.
  • Wilderness bosses entry now requires 1 million GP.
  • Implemented prayer filtering.
  • Introduced "Boss HP Bars UI" for the majority of bosses.
  • Buffed Scythe; Osmumten's Fang now has double accuracy only on Stab attacks.
  • New icons for Donator Ranks added.
  • Long Range accuracy improved on Magical attacks, adding +2 to max distance.


New Items

  • Voidwaker can now be crafted.
  • Venator Bow is now craftable.
  • New items available for crafting: Ursine chainmace, Webweaver Bow, Ancient Sceptre.
  • Added Saturated Heart.

Donator Store Additions

  • Blazing Blowpipe Ornament Kit.
  • Blazing Dinhs Bulwark Ornament Kit.
  • Ancient Blood Ornament Kit for Torva reskins.


  • NPC examines now match OSRS descriptions instead of just displaying the NPC's name.
  • Objects can now be examined.
  • Teleport locations are now capitalized.
  • Added "Previous Location" option to the Teleport System at home.
  • Added dialogue for all new Pets.
  • Earth & Law Runes Altar functionality improved and pet rates adjusted according to Altar's level.
  • Added areas to Cannon Restrictions.
  • Enhanced the handling of ground items and projectiles for a cleaner experience matching OSRS 1:1.
  • Imbued/Saturated heart now uses the correct varbit for RuneLite timers.
  • Looting Bags now available in the Slayer Rewards shop for 10 points.
  • Cerberus now spawns Walls of Fire to combat Ghosts being skipped.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a bug preventing ranking Friends in Clan Chat.
  • Fixed a nulling issue with stationary NPCs caused by a movement check.
  • Corrected an issue with the PvP Leaderboard incorrectly pulling winners multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue with Konar assigning Boss Tasks at a specific location.

RuneLite Changes

  • Updated the UI to match RuneLite's latest sleek display.
  • Improved navigation for Plugin Configuration/Plugin Hub in the UI.
  • Plugin Hub now features over 850 plugins (Note: These plugins are not maintained by BoomScape).
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