BoomScape Updates - Fix List following the 219 Revision upgrade!


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Following our recent revision upgrade, we've identified and resolved a series of issues to enhance your gaming experience. Here's a succinct overview of the updates:

New Features:

  • Introduced a Global Scoreboard for Phantom Muspah outside its cave, enabling global kill tracking.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Corrected a misclassification problem in our dump, ensuring tradeable items are no longer marked as untradeable.
  • Addressed directional facing issues with bosses like Zulrah & Xarpus, ensuring they now face the correct direction.
  • Resolved a bug preventing Phantom Muspah from recording Personal Best Times.
  • Phantom Muspah will now globally announce unique item drops.
  • Adjusted Phantom Muspah's defence stats accurately for its melee phase.
  • Phantom Muspah is now guaranteed to drop Ancient Essence.
  • Implemented a consistent prayer drain of 2 per attack during Muspah's Shield Phase.
  • Venator Shard now correctly crushes for 50,000 ancient essence.
  • Fixed the Blazing Blowpipe issue, ensuring it now applies the correct bonuses based on the darts used.
  • Restored the Gambling Zone Map and related gambling interfaces.
  • Shops now include a "Buy 50" option for bulk purchases.
  • Fixed the visual glitch with Pet Beaver, which incorrectly displayed as a Forestry NPC.
  • All Crystal Armour pieces can now be recoloured, with the option to recolour already modified pieces.
  • Rectified an exploit with some teleports, which allowed spam clicking to gain experience above level 20 wilderness.
  • TzHaar-Ket-Keh is now interactive, offering the option to gamble your Infernal Capes.
  • Ancient Sceptre has been updated to auto-cast both ancient and modern spells.
  • Boss HP Bars will no longer linger after leaving a boss area or upon death and will be hidden when the boss is not attackable.
  • Addressed the absence of items such as Voting Mystery Boxes & Pet Scrolls.
  • Corrected the naming issue with boss tasks, which previously displayed as "null".

These updates aim to rectify the issues following our latest upgrade, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

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