BoomScape Updates - Phantom Muspah fixes, Wilderness Bosses fixes & much more!


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The latest game update introduces a wealth of enhancements and fixes, improving gameplay, interface usability, and customization options. Highlights include the ability to open Super Mystery Boxes, adjustments to tick consuming varbits for better plugin compatibility, corrections to Venator Bows and spell sacks, and synchronization of the Special Attack timer. Interface improvements feature updated equipment stats and customizable chat colours. Wilderness Bosses and Phantom Muspah sections see significant adjustments for a better combat experience, while RuneLite users benefit from compatibility fixes and streamlined plugin management. This comprehensive update addresses key community feedback and technical issues, enriching the overall player experience.



  • Super Mystery Boxes can now be opened
  • Tick consuming varbits have been added, this also fixes issues with RuneLite plugins such as the "Timers" plugin
  • Venator Bows projectile has been fixed
  • Bind & Snare's Blighted sacks ID have been updated to use the Entanlge sack
  • Special Attack timer now syncs correctly with the client
  • Equipment stats interface has been fixed, and now includes Base & Actual weapon speed information
  • Fixed an issue with the Settings interface where the search functionality wasn't working properly
  • Chat Colours can now be adjusted in the Settings interface so you can make customisation to how your chat is coloured!
  • Fixed an issue which caused clients to crash due to how the "Sound Area" packet was sent to clients
  • Vetion now correctly drops the correct pet.
  • Wilderness Bosses now drop Big Bones to the highest damage player.
  • Fixed an issue causing Pets to be unremovable from Menageri Room in POH
  • Player Priority checks has been changed
    • You will now only get priority to attack a player over a NPC through clicking when you have recently been in combat with each other
    • The priority is now removed after 29 ticks, wheras before this priority was never removed.
  • Player nulling should no longer happen, previously a player would null for an unknown reason, and be stuck in limbo in our central server, which didn't allow them to login. This should now be resolved and you should no longer be stuck in limbo!
  • Imbued & Saturated heart timers will no longer be stuck at 5 minutes on every relog, instead they will resume the time that is remaining
  • Vet'ion Pet now correctly adds to the collection log, if anyone is missing their Vet'ion pet please alert an admin and we can add the missing item to your collection log!

Wilderness Bosses

  • Callisto' Melee attack is now AOE
  • Fixed an issue causing Callisto & Venenatis & their Single+ variants to incorrectly send projectiles when players are no longer present
  • Corrected Projectiles at Callisto & Venenatis
  • Hellhounds at Vetion now have the corrected HP of 30

Phantom Muspah

  • The Spikes at Muspah are now correctly sent & are no longer instant
  • You can now run through Muspah's spikes
  • Muspah is now considerd as a boss task

RuneLite changes

  • 117HD & GPU Plugins now both work on Macbooks
  • Fixed an issue with the Plugin Hub not refreshing when installing or removing plugins
  • Fixed the !kc chat command
  • Removed a bunch of old references to OpenOSRS & removed the ability to run your own plugins
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