Con's Thieving Guide


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Thieving cape detail.pngCon's Thieving GuideThieving cape detail.png

*All xp rates in this guide are without the rouge outfit*


Thieving is a skill on BoomScape made to make money. It is great starter cash or

if you need a little money to buy a new item. In this guide I'll talk about the money

route to 99 and the fastest route to 99. Feel free to do either one, or a mix of both.

During thieving you have chance of being visted by a pillory guard, dont worry

just talk to him and you will recieve a xp lamp(I recommend farming because its slow

till level 45).


During pickpocketing only you have a chance to recieve a crate, in the crate you can

choose a piece of rouge's equipment. Each piece gives a 1.25% xp bonus in thieving.




The will to click a lot


Selling Stall Items:

Trade the baker at ::home to sell the items from the stalls


Golden Needle: 2k each

Golden Hammer: 3k each

Golden Candle: 4k each

Golden Tinderbox: 5k each

Golden Pot: 7k each


The guide will diverge at certain levels for faster xp or more money but both start the same.



Pickpocket from men at ::home


384 xp per pickpocket

2 pickpockets required for level 5



Steal from crafting stalls at ::home


1,200 xp per Golden Needles

2k gp per Golden Needles

7 needles to steal for level 25

14k profit



Steal from scimitar stalls at ::home


1800 xp per Golden Hammer

3k gp per Golden Hammer

30 hammers to steal for level 45

90k profit



Steal from magic stalls at ::home


2400 xp per Golden Candle

4k gp per Golden Candle

479 candles to steal for level 75

1.9m Profit


75-99 (Money):


Steal from general stalls at ::home


4,000 xp per Golden Tinderbox

5k gp per Golden Tinderbox

1,034 tinderboxes to steal for level 90

5.2m profit



Steal from food stalls at ::home


6400 xp per Golden Pot

7k gp per Golden Pot

1202 pots to steal for level 99

8.4m profit


75-99 (Quick XP):


Pickpocket Ardy knights

To get there: ::home > nexus > cities > Ardounge


I recommend to turn off npc attack option in setting as it allows you to left click pickpocket.

I also recommend to trap a knight in a house if there isnt one trapped already.

4,046 xp per pickpocket

1,869 pickpockets to level 95



Pickpocket Ardy heros

To get there: ::home > nexus > cities > Ardounge

*You still have a chance to fail at 99 so if you dont want to fail stick to ardy knights*


13,200 xp per pickpocket

323 pickpockets to level 99


Hope you enjoyed my guide!

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