Useful Runelite Plugins


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Useful Runelite Plugins


What is Runelite?

Runelite is a 3rd party runescape client that has many helpful interfaces and features that improve the quality of life for osrs and BoomScape. It ranges from helping with boss mechanics to telling you when you stop doing an action, though this can be annoying.


Turning off idle notifications:

In settings on runelite look up "Idle Notifer" and turn it off.


If you only want notifications for a few things you can click on the gear and modify

what actions set off the notification and how often.


Useful Plugins:


Allows you to turn up the draw distance so you can see father in game and be able to click things

that are farther away. Note, this does require a decent gpu to run.

*If you crash in certain areas you may need to disable it*


"Animation Smoothing" 

Makes animations of the game a lot more fluid and smooth.


"Clue Scroll" 

Helps you solve clue scrolls by telling you where to go, who to talk to, or where to dig. Note,

some clues are broken on BoomScape so do not always rely on this.


"Player Indicators" 

Shows people's names above there head, you can choose to enable it for clan members, friends, or all

players and choose custom colors for each.


"Ground Items" 

Highlights and shows the name of items on the ground. Can be customized to have different colored text

depending on the price of the item. (Price is based off of OSRS prices).


"Ground Markers" 

Allows the marking of tiles on the ground. This can be done by using shift+right click and choosing mark tile.

This can be helpful for bossing for remembering safespots or where to move.


"Loot Tracker"


Adds a widget onto Runelite that tracks all the loot you recieve from a certain type of monster.

Also tracks how many you kill. (Resets everytime the client is closed)


"Xp Tracker"


Tracks your xp gained and how much xp per hour you are getting. 


"Camera Zoom"

Allows you to set higher and lower camera zoom bounds.


"Key Remapping"

Allows you to use WASD to move the camera around and be able to use number keys as F keys.



Shows you where to click on agility courses, makes agility a lot more afk in my opinion. 


Developer Tools:


A lot of things here aren't very useful, but Detached Camera can be useful if you are making a video or

if you find a bug. These can be useful for debugging: NPCs, Game Objects, or Ground Objects. James or Papa J may ask you for the ID of a thing and this is how you would get it.  

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