How to Get Master Clues


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image.png.c1dff9c4e8f9b878690498aa55180ecf.pngHow to Get Master CluesWatson.png


Master clues are the highest level clue scroll and offer some great rewards, the best in my opinion is the bloodhound pet. They are just like the other tier clues on BoomScape but are slightly longer than the others. They are only obtainable in two ways:


1. Getting it from a lower level clue

Pretty self explanatory, you complete an easy, medium, hard, or elite clue and you

have a chance of receiving a master clue as a reward.


2. Trading in clues to get a master clue

At ::home, north of the bank and nexus, is a man named Watson. 


He can take the 4 previous tier clue scrolls (easy, medium, hard, and elite) and will

give you one master clue for them.


You do not need all 4 at a time, you can get one and trade it in, then come back once you have the others or one more.


*The clues can not be in scroll box form and Watson can only hold one type of each clue*


Once you trade all 4 clues to Watson he will give you a master clue scroll box. After this you can trade more clues in for more.



Rewards from master clues:


Happy hunting!

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